‘No Risk’ Matched Betting: 5 Things You Need To Know

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Heard about ‘no risk’ matched betting and want to give it a go?

Matched betting has become a popular way for many people in the UK to earn some extra cash, but is it truly risk free or is this just a way to draw people in?

What Is ‘No Risk’ Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a technique used to profit from free bets, bonuses or incentives offered by bookmakers. Based on a mathematical formula, rather than chance, matched betting is often considered, at least in theory, to be risk-free.

In terms of how ‘risk free’ matched betting works, you may have seen a TV or magazine ad run by a bookmaker, which says something like ‘Signup for a free £20 bet’. Matched betting takes advantages of these free bets.

You simply sign up to the bookmaker to claim the free bet, then apply the techniques of matched betting to make a profit. This is done by placing a bet on a sporting event, with a bookmaker, then ‘laying’ it off in a specific way with a betting exchange. This ensures you make a profit, regardless of the outcome of the sporting event.

Is Matched Betting Easy To Do?

It may sound complicated but the basics of matched betting are actually very simple to grasp. Some people choose to teach themselves, whilst others take advantage of a matched betting guide, such as Profit Accumulator.

Matched betting guides can prove invaluable to beginners, as they offer everything you need to start matched betting prettily easily – from beginner & advanced matched betting tutorials to the latest & most profitable matched betting offers.

They also provide you with reliable matched betting calculators & odds matching software, which are things you’ll need. Here’s a snapshot of how much money some Profit Accumulator members made last year.

But is matched betting truly ‘risk free’?

Is There Any Risk To Matched Betting?

‘Risk free’ matched betting is sometimes promoted almost as a ‘guaranteed’ way to earn money online, sometimes up to thousands of pounds a month. And whilst it’s true that the mathematical principle itself, upon which matched betting is based, is often considered ‘risk free’, there are still risks to keep in mind.

I’ve personally used Profit Accumulator to help me learn & profit from matched betting very quickly. In fact I made my first profit the same day and went on to make between £500 & £700 every month. And if you’re prepared to put a bit more time in, some people succeed at making a lot more.

So, done right, matched betting absolutely can & does work, but here are 5 things to consider when starting out:

1 – Human Error

However sound the actual principles behind matched betting might be, there’s always the risk of human error & making a mistake. To avoid this it pays to learn the basics of matched betting properly. If you learn and follow the matched betting process carefully, you’re less likely to make a mistake. It’s possible to learn the foundations of matched betting in a very short time.

You can either learn matched betting by searching out free guides, such as this one from Save The Student or use an established online matched betting guide like Profit Accumulator.

The benefit of Profit Accumulator is that it has thousands of loyal members & offers new users a FREE TRIAL which teaches you the basics of matched betting via simple video tutorials. You also get a couple of free bets to try out, which could earn you up to £40.

I personally found it an invaluable way to learn. In fact, I made my first profit the same day

2 – Temptation

Matched betting isn’t a get rich scheme or a substitute for regular employment. But it does offer people in the UK one of those rare opportunities to legitimately make some consistent extra cash each month. It’s also totally legal.

So once you start to realise the potential for matched betting to earn you some extra cash, temptation may start to drift in, especially if you start to do Casino Offers. For example, if you hit a big win on a Casino Offer (I once won £100 on a single spin) it can tempting to gamble the odd tenner without adhering to the ‘risk free’ process. I once fell foul to this and of course, lost. So if you’re prone to addictive behaviour or taking risks, matched betting is likely best avoided.

Stick firmly to the matched betting process though & it’s actually quite hard to go far wrong.

3 – Quickly Changing Odds

When you start matched betting, it pays to stick to the simpler, beginner offers, until you become more experienced. A guide like Profit Accumulator categorises the best beginner & more advanced offers for you. If you do matched betting on your own, you’ll need to seek out these free bets & offers yourself. This can take a lot of time, plus some are easier or more profitable than others. So it helps to know which ones to do.

More advanced matched betting offers are still perfectly doable for most people, but they sometimes involve sporting events such as horse racing, which can have rapidly changing odds. Live football & tennis can also have volatile odds.

This can make it harder to place and lay off your bet before the odds change, which may mean a profit is no longer achievable. I once lost £30 on a live tennis match bet, as odds were changing so quickly, I messed the whole thing up (human error, see point 1!).

One approach is to wait until odds stabilise enough for you to place & lay off a bet. Or you can simply avoid these types of bets completely. At the least, it pays to make sure you know what you’re doing before approaching offers with volatile odds.

4 – Bookmaker Restrictions

Many people ask if ‘risk free’ matched betting is legal. It is. And what’s more it’s treated as tax free income.

However, this doesn’t mean bookmakers necessarily like it.

So if a bookmaker thinks you’re using your account solely to take advantage of free bets & bonuses, they’re likely to restrict your account. This is known as ‘gubbing’ & basically means a bookmaker has put limitations on your account – this may mean the withdrawal of future bonuses or even a complete restriction of your account from further use.

Keep in mind, bookmakers have complex algorithms in place that track user behaviour closely, so gubbing is almost certain to happen if you abuse the system. So if you plan to do matched betting longer term, it pays to do a few ‘regular’ bets, so you look like a regular ‘punter’. You can still use the matched betting principles of placing & laying off a bet, so you only make very small losses. Sites like Profit Accumulator cover subjects like ‘gubbing’ & how to avoid it.

Since most bookmakers aren’t keen on matched betting, many people also ask can you still make money matched betting? The answer is yes. This is reflected in the growth of matched betting guides like Profit Accumulator & Oddsmonkey. Free bets & incentives also generate new customers, so bookmakers aren’t very likely to stop them anytime soon.

5 – Complexity Of Advanced Matched Betting

Some people focus on doing the easier matched betting offers to make some extra cash for a while, then stop. Others progress to more advanced matched betting techniques & earn a decent amount of income each month for years.

When you first start out matched betting, most of the bookmaker offers you’ll do are likely to be free bets. For example, Bet £5 and Get a Free £10 Bet. Once you have an understanding of matched betting, free bets are generally easy to do & profit from.

As you progress though, you’ll start to come across things like bonus offers. These are different to free bets & often involve wagering requirements. This means you need to wager (or bet) any winnings from the bonus a specified number of times before you can withdraw any profits.

Bonus offers aren’t necessarily any harder than free bets, but their process is slightly different. So if you plan to tackle more advanced offers, make sure you know what you’re doing first. Again, this where a matched betting service like Profit Accumulator can help, as they guide you through the transition from easy to more complex offers.

Is ‘No Risk’ Matched Betting Safe?

In terms of whether matched betting is safe, that’s largely down to interpretation. Done correctly & mindfully, it’s a legitimate, legal way to make money in the UK. Which is why so many people do it. It’s also been covered in national media such as the Guardian.

Thousands of people consistently make profits with matched betting without any trouble – you just need to follow the process, use your common sense and not get greedy. Sometimes, of course, things happen that are beyond our control – for example, you might try & lay off a bet just as your wireless connection goes down, only to find odds have changed when you get back online. But these things are part of life, as well as probably not that common.

There’s also the chance, as with any business, that a bookmaker may go out of business, especially smaller, start up ones, particularly perhaps in a post COVID environment. So it makes sense to withdraw any profits you make regularly.

This is again, where a matched betting guide, like Profit Accumulator, can prove one of the safest ways to do matched betting, as they know the most reputable bookmakers, plus they vet offers for profitability. But of course, you don’t have to use a paid service – just make sure you know what you’re doing.

‘No Risk’ Matched Betting: Conclusion

A person typing on a laptop. Image copyright Cristin Hume on unsplash.com.

Is ‘no risk’ a fair & accurate description of matched betting. Technically, no. Nothing’s really 100% risk free or ‘guaranteed’.

However, the formula, upon which matched betting is based, is often considered by its advocates to be risk free. This is because it’s based on a proven mathematical system, not chance, hence the term ‘risk free matched betting’.

However, is it still absolutely possible to make money from matched betting without much effort.

So if you like sports (or even if you don’t) & have around £50 to get you started with your first bets (your kitty), matched betting is a legitimate way for pretty much anyone, in the UK, to try earning extra cash.

You can either teach yourself the foundations of matched betting from an established resource such as Save The Student (always use information at your own discretion), or use a popular matched betting service like Profit Accumulator. And remember to keep the risks to mind, so you can avoid them…

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