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Welcome to Affiliate Ninja Mom. 

My name is Sarah and I’m a full time Mum (or Mom!) and a full time affiliate marketer. I’m also a full time ninja. Ok, so I made that bit up. (The ninja bit I mean!)

It’s taken me a while (about 2 years) but I now earn a full time living online.

So I started Affiliate Ninja Mom to show you how to start a blogging or affiliate marketing business from scratch too, with the mission of showing others how to supplement your income online.

Or even, over time, build a full time income, whilst still having the flexibility to do all the busy mum stuff too.

Technology and the Internet is completely changing the way we work and many people, inreasingly fed up by the stresses and strains associated with the traditional 9 to 5, are looking to the Internet for alternative income ideas.

In fact, many people, just like you and me, are leaving the traditional workplace behind and turning to blogging and affiliate marketing to supplement their income and live a much more flexible, balanced life, with their kids.

And this is exactly what affiliateninjamcom.com is about.


3 years ago I was working as an online Marketing Manager for a leading UK tourism website. I was spending a fortune on childcare for my daughter, I was exhausted and stressed and my job had long passed its sell by date. And all I could see ahead was more of the same.

Then one day something happened at work and I ‘ahem’ walked out (with an embarrassingly loud door slam worthy of the stroppiest teenager!).

It was horrible at the time and shook the whole foundations of who I was, but in time I suddenly saw a light at the end of the tunnel for a completely different way of living. One where I got to do something I enjoyed AND had the time to be the Mum I actually wanted to be.

I’d already joined an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate, whilst I was still working FT and I was starting to make some extra cash each month from an affiliate marketing website I’d built from scratch (it’s way easier than you might think!).

It was then that I decided I never wanted to enter a toxic office environment ever again. So I turned to my savings and made a decision to scale my small affiliate profits up to a liveable income. That way I could earn a living and spend the time I wanted to with my young daughter.

And over time, this is exactly what I’ve done. It’s not always been easy, but it’s been 100% worth it. In fact. I feel blessed and happier than ever before. And the best bit?  I get to spend loads more time with my feisty 8 year old daughter, Alice.


Like the name suggests, my mission is to who other mums how they too can become ninjas in the affiliate world.

Because blogging and affiliate marketing is not rocket science. And it’s certainly not just for men. Absolutely anyone can do it. And done right, it works. It’s not only a totally legitimate and acheiveable way to make extra money for you and your family, it also offers a flexible way to work, that’s simply not achievable in a ‘normal’ office environment.

However, there’s also a lot of outdated, misleading or over complicated information out there about blogging and affiliate marketing, so with affilitaeninjmom.com, my goal is to offer accessible, step by step guidance on how to succeed at affiliate marketing. The right way. And from scratch.

This will include everything from how to start a mom blog and make money, the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, website development and design, affiliate marketing related product and service reviews and much more.


One of the things I ‘hope’ makes this site different is the fact I aim to make my articles beginner and user friendly, as well as honest and as in depth as possible.

Some of the things that have frustrated me most in my own affiliate marketing journey are blog posts that offer no real value, or show you how to make money when the writer isn’t yet making any themselves.

And don’t get me started on those blog posts that promise to show you how to make $400 a month with a survey site (spoiler alert: you can’t unless you a) never want to sleep again or b) want to lose your mind!)

So none of that here! Instead, my aim is to be open and transparent and only recommend ideas, or products, I have either used myself, or trust, and which I honestly think may work for you too.

Keep in mind – there is no silver bullet or fast track way to making money online. That’s a fact.

But with hard work, commitment and the right knowledge, it is totally possible to male money online with affiliate marketing and blogging.

Wanna give it a try?

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll do my best to help you out.


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